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What can affect the votes result during the election?


Imagine that one day, you become a candidate for one of the most important elections of the country or the organizations, what will you do to appeal people to vote for you? What are the effects helping you become the winner? Think and make a list of the factors that can affect the election for the day if it happens.

1. The health of the candidates

If you are preparing for an election, the health is a really essential thing you have to make sure. You do not want the bad things to happen when you are appealing people to vote for you, do you? Absolutely, when you are in the election, your bad health can make people not believe in you. They think that you are not able to lead them to be better. As a result, they will come to your competitors without any hesitation. To prevent this thing occurring, you should exercise to become healthier and stronger. Playing some sports will make you become better meanwhile raise your durableness. If you want to play a gentle sport, playing archery with the recurve bow under 200 sounds quite great. This will help you not only get healthy but also train your patience, concentration, and determination. Moreover, playing sports can help you overcome the stresses and difficulties that the election brings to you.  It is worth playing sports and relaxing.

2. The idea of the candidates

This can be seen as one of the most important strategies that the candidates use to gain the success. Assume that you are in the election for the president of the country, what are your ideas? What should you do to make the country develop better and better? In fact, we know the voters will vote for the people who can make their life become better and happier. Therefore, you must be the person who understands the society’s desire and primary requirements. From that, you can propose the appropriate policy to appeal the people’s support to you.

3. The knowledge of the candidates

This is the thing whose importance no one can deny. Without the knowledge, you can not be a candidate. For the young who want to become a president in the future, you should prepare yourself enough necessary knowledge while still young. You should have the knowledge of all the aspects of the society so you can be the most prospected candidate.It is not difficult to admit that you will lose immediately if you are not a knowledgeable one.

4. Good personality, no scandals

It is always important to evaluate if the candidate’s personality is good enough to become a leader or a president. This can be shown in the ways they live and treat other people. For the candidates for the important places, their private life is easy to make the attention to other people, especially to their contenders. They will exploit your drawbacks,your weaknesses or your scandals to defeat you. Even when you are preparing to get the success conveniently, only one scandal can also wash away all your achievement and your attempt.If you really desire to become a president, be careful with everything you do. To sum up, to become a president – the big desire of many people –there are a lot of things that you need to prepare. It is not simple as a student is going to school or a person is going to the market, but it is much more complicated and required. If you want something, be patient and serious with it.

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