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Do You Know To Mask Your Hair And Skin Properly?


You will be surprised to know that you have missed many interesting steps to achieve the highest efficiency of hair steam and hair mask at home.

1.    Mask for hair

To help you own a healthy and shiny hair, the mask is one of the simple and handy ways for your choice. You can learn the steps below to ensure that you are "on track".

Do You Know To Mask Your Hair And Skin Properly

- You can wash your hair head before masking. Then, dont let it too wet.

- Use the soft comb to remove tangle hair.

- For oily skin, you should only apply masks to the upper hair, not the root. For dry, curling hair, you rub the mask from root to tip.

- While the masking, gently rubs all hands, dont crumple.

- For colored hair, you can cover a more cream to moisturize deeply.

Do You Know To Mask Your Hair And Skin Properly

- After you rub cream evenly on your hair, you roll it up and cover with a towel.

- Use a dryer at low mode to create hair annealing heat.

- Rinse with cold water (cold water will help your hair roots be astringent and help hair be shiny).

You can make your hair mask every time you shampoo. But ideally, you should only carry out one time/week. For dry and damaged hair, you should mask overnight to increase the efficiency for the hair. Before applying the mask on your hair, you can freeze the jar containing creams for a stronger effect. Don’t rub too much cream on the hair root, because it can make your hair oilier and thinner. For the better result, when rinsing with cold water, you add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and apply to your hair. Note, you should let the hair dry naturally, do not use the dryer or towel to rub it. If there is something to do, you can dry a little bit and let it dry naturally.

Do You Know To Mask Your Hair And Skin Properly

2.    Mask For Skin

This is probably a beauty care method which is pretty familiar to the ladies today. Most of the people spend from 30-1 hours to mask skin care. And whether you carry out properly or not? Let's consult!

Do You Know To Mask Your Hair And Skin Properly

- Wash your face, wipe it.

-  Use the soft brush to rub cream evenly.

- Start spreading the cream from the chin to the cheeks. Put the brush from the inside to outside.

- After spreading the cream on the forehead and all parts of surface evenly, spreading on the lower neck.

- When you want to uncover the mask, you use two pieces of cotton makeup, wipe each layer. For the first layer, use cotton to eliminate the excessive cream which faces skin does not absorb. Then, use the wet one to wipe until it is clean. Finally, rinse with fresh water.

Do You Know To Mask Your Hair And Skin Properly

For homemade creamy masks at home, besides dissolving in water, you can try other fresh ingredients such as green tea, honey, vegetable oil. They will give you the different utility and efficiency. All skin care treatments like exfoliation, makeup remover, massage should be completed before 9 pm because then the skin starts interval waste excretion. Do not be too thrifty and apply only a thin layer mask to the skin. The effect of the mask only promotes when your skin is surrounded by a thick layer. Finally, you just wipe the mask off when your skin is completely dry.

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