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How can you select the right walking shoes for pronation?


Have you ever gotten hurts when running or walking? If yes, do you know the true reasons? Actually, when you choose the walking or running shoes, you may make some mistakes because you do not really know which type of your feet is. Therefore, the chosen shoes which are not suitable for your feet cannot help to protect your feet well. Certainly, the only way to reduce these hurts is selecting the specialized walking shoes helping to keep your feet well. For example, the Brook walking shoes can be the perfect choice for those who want to be a professional runner. walking_shoes-1

In this post, we will share you some aspects related to the walking shoes so that you can get the best ones yourself. Especially for the ones who have the pronation, it is really profitable for them.

  1. The different types of the feet with

The term pronation is the capsizing of the feet when you are running or walking. There are three main types of the pronation:

  • If you have a normal or medium arch, it means you have a mild pronation.
  • For those who have a high arch, it means they have an under pronation.
  • The ones who have a low arch, they often have an over pronation.
  1. The fields you need to consider when choosing the right walking shoes
  • Airiness

The airiness is in the top first criteria for you to choose the best walking shoes because whether the shoes are airy and cool or not can affect significantly your practice. The shoes’ material is the most important factor in deciding if the shoes can cause the difficulties when training or not. Some shoe brands use the modern technology to create the small and knitted holes to make the airiness more effective. If you choose the too thick shoes having many pads, they will protect your feet better but reduce the airiness. Thus, you should set the priority for the airiness to choose the appropriate shoes yourself.

  • Light-weight

The weight of the shoes may be the basic factor to consider if they can make the comfort and support for the practice well or not. The lighter the shoes are, the better they can support you when trying your best to run at the final minutes.

  • Good buffer

The buffer is also a factor which needs considering because the thicker the buffer is, the better its effects are. If you want the great running shoes, the standards will be the light weight, the certain toughness, the 10mm heel-toe drop, and the high friction. Meanwhile, the criteria to choose the gym shoes or the sport needing the weight like squats or putting the shot are the thick soles and more strength.

  1. The types of the shoes for each sort of the feet
  • For the under pronation

The shoes should have a certain buffer to protect the feet with the strong activities. The high ankle also helps to keep your ankle stable well.

  • For the over pronation

The shoes should have a medium or good buffer and be designed more gently. The heel-toe drop may not be unequal too much. This will help those who have the over pronation walk or run more comfortably.

  • For the mild pronation

They may be the shoes which have the thinner buffer and lighter weight, which will help the runners make use their best ability. In conclusion, we hope that with the details we share, you will find the best walking shoes suitable for the type of your feet. Have a nice day!

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