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The Bad Effects The Laptops Can Cause To Our Health


Laptops nowadays nearly replace the desktop computer completely. However, although they are very useful, they have bad impacts on our health.

In reality, using the laptops can lead to many chronic disorders such as the pain or the stiffness of the muscles, the tiredness of the eyes or even causing cancer. Here are some the worst health risks caused by using the computers, mobile electronic devices in general and laptops in particular in the wrong ways.

Chronic backache

Unlike the desktop computers, the laptops are often put on your abdomen area or next to you for the convenience. This position makes you sit and bend your body regularly, which causes your backache and gradually leads to the spondylitis.

The Bad Effects The Laptops Can Cause To Our Health


One of the major health dangers of using laptops is that putting the laptops in your thighs can lead to the childlessness in men.  Because of the heat which is created on the working process of the laptops, these radiations can affect the ability to act of the sperms and reduce the reproductive ability.

Eyes tiredness

When using the laptops, we will have to see the area closer to us compared with the desktop computers, which makes our eyes open largely and see for a long time. This will make our eyes dry, tired and also increase the vision syndromes caused by the laptops.

The Bad Effects The Laptops Can Cause To Our Health

Chronic neck pain

Almost people using computers often bend their neck and look straight at the computers screen. As a result, this will lead to the neck stiffness and the chronic neck pain. This position problem can also have direct impacts on the spine and cause the pain.

Dry skin

The heat caused by the laptops when put in the thighs can make the change of the skin’s colors and also causes the skin diseases for you.

The Bad Effects The Laptops Can Cause To Our Health


That you put the laptop on your thighs for a long time and for many times will lead to itch, even cause the skin cancer. Although there is a very low rate, it can still happen.


The keys on the computers keyboard are very cramped, thus when you use it for many hours, your fingers muscles can be convulsed or numbed. This can lead to the stiffness of your fingers for a long time.

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