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7 Types Of Healthy Food That You Should Eat As Much As Possible


The keys to help you prolong our longevity is not only doing exercise frequently but also putting the following kinds of food into your daily menu.

  • Carrot lowers the concentration of mercury.

Carrot is known as a kind of food that has the detoxifying effect. It means that many substances in carrot uniting with molecules of mercury in your body can reduce the concentration of mercury in blood and increase the rate of excretion of this substance from your body. Besides it, some nutrients like vitamins B and vitamin C in carrot have the anti-aging and skin caring effects. Also, this type of food can lower the risk of ovarian cancer in women.

7 Types Of Healthy Food That You Should Eat As Much As Possible

  • Seaweed reduces the cholesterol and excretes radioactive substances.

Seaweed has the effects of removing the toxins, avoid the body to absorb many kinds of metal such lead and cadmium and eliminate radioactive elements in the body. Moreover, your health can be protected from arteriosclerosis as well as some diseases relating to the mammary gland. Additionally, some substances in seaweed stimulate the pituitary gland, reducing the female hormone in the body of women and recover reproductive organs.

7 Types Of Healthy Food That You Should Eat As Much As Possible

  • Field mushroom increases the ability to detoxify the body and lower cholesterol concentration.

According to the modern medicine, field mushroom with high starch can make the immunity better and detoxify for the body and prevent your body from cancers. Also, field mushroom can lower the blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, protect you from atherosclerosis and supply the nutrients for the body.

  • Pumpkin removes heavy metals and pesticides in the body.

Pumpkin is very healthy and useful in preventing your body from hypertension, gallstones, diabetes and some diseases relating to liver, kidney. Additionally, it stimulates the body of some patients with the problems of weak liver and kidney to regenerate cells. In pumpkin, there are necessary microelements for the synthesis process of insulin in the body. Besides it, the substances in pumpkin can remove carcinogens and oxidative substances.

7 Types Of Healthy Food That You Should Eat As Much As Possible

  • Spinach detoxifies the body and cools the stomach, intestinal tract.

Spinach can detoxify, cool the stomach, intestinal tract, treat constipation and make you feel relaxed. In this kind of vegetables, it includes a substance as the same to the Insulin that can keep the glucose concentration in blood in balanced and stable status. Thanks to the high vitamin content in spinach, eating this type of vegetables can protect your body from some diseases caused by the lack of vitamin such as aphthous stomatitis, night blindness.

  • Black mushroom detoxifies the blood.

This kind of mushrooms can help you digest indigestible things such as the skin of cereal grains, pieces of wood, sand, pieces of metal,… Besides it, gallstones, kidney stones can be dissolved under the effects of Black mushroom. In addition, black mushroom can break the blood clots and avoid the clogged arteries.

7 Types Of Healthy Food That You Should Eat As Much As Possible

  • Cauliflower cleans up the blood vessels.

According to the scientists, cauliflower is the list of kinds of food with the biggest amount of copper. This type of vegetables can protect your body from some infectious diseases, clean up the blood vessels efficiently, avoid the oxidation of cholesterol and blood clotting, lower the risks of some disease regarding heart and stroke in the old. Particularly, eating cauliflower can improve functions of the liver, avoid the flu and some diseases relating to the blood. If you use this kind of food in a long time, it will support you in preventing the risks of breast cancer, rectal cancer and gastric cancer.

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