Top 10 The Best Beverage In The World

  • Lassi, India

Lassi is a popular drink in India. Its name seems quite strange, but Lassi is simply the yogurt (the goat’s milk which is fermented) mixed with the ground fruit such as mango, strawberry, kiwi … or fruit juice such as pear, apple or peach. Besides, there are sorts of Lassi which are pretty stranger because they are added rose water, cardamom, cinnamon, peppermint or other typical flavors of Orient.

Beside the fruit Lassi, Indian also has plain Lassi (no sugar yogurt), salt Lassi, and sweet Lassi.

Top 10 The Best Beverage In The World

  • Cendol, Indonesia

Cendol is a desert whose main ingredients are coconut milk, cendol, artificial pineapple’s leaves flavor, and jaggery.

Adding some other ingredients such as ground ice, red beans, jelly, and corn pudding (or Vietnamese corn pudding) into the cendol will make it better than ever on the sunny days. You can find and enjoy it easily from the hawkers in Kuta beach, Indonesia.

  • Sujeonggwa, South Korea

Top 10 The Best Beverage In The WorldSujeonggwa, which is sweet, spicy, and warm, is a traditional drink of Korean. The materials to make Sujeonggwa are the dried fruit, especially the persimmon, and the things to make tastes such as cinnamon and ginger; the pine nuts are also used to decorate and make it spicy. Sujeonggwa is deep red actually.

Sujeonggwa is often used in the special events such as the wedding. Nowadays, this beverage has been bottled.

  • Mojito, Cuba

Being a traditional drink of Cuban, Mojito (or called Mohito also) is not strange to the cocktail connoisseurs in the world.

Top 10 The Best Beverage In The World

The cool flavor with the mentholated taste of peppermint and a bit sour one of fresh lemon is the simple attraction so that Mojito becomes the most popular cocktail in the summer.

  • Chocolate MilkShake, America

Chocolate MilkShake is a mixture which is ground from ice cream, fresh milk, and chocolate; added more flavor with the milk cream on the cover. When enjoying it, you should stir the fresh cream with the mixture so that the fat and fragrant tastes can intertwine together.

  • Bubble tea, Taiwan

Bubble tea or Bubble milk tea is the name that Taiwanese call a beverage which is made from the tea leaves and the seed pearls made from the tapioca. There is a feature of the Bubble tea is that when being shaken, there is a thin bubbles layer formed on the surface.

In general, Bubble tea is divided into 2 types: tea having the fruit flavor and milk tea. The milk tea can use the ice cream from milk or not. Having origin from Taiwan, Bubble tea is particularly popular in some Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. This drink is also well-known is Euro, Canada, and America.

Bubble tea is also possible to call the hot milk tea which is mixed with tapioca in Guangdong’s style.

  • Eggnog, Britain

Eggnog is a cocktail which is made from cream, milk, sugar, and egg yolk. It can also combine with cinnamon or nutmeg, plus brandy, rum or whiskey.

Top 10 the best beverage in the world

Eggnog is very popular on the Christmas or New Year in Britain, America, and Canada.

  • Es Kelapa Muda, Indonesia.

Es Kelapa Muda is a drink which is made from fresh coconut water, ice, syrup, and copra sliced into the thin cells. This is a highly popular beverage in Indonesia because of its cool taste.

  • Sangria, Spain

Sangria is the unique drink in the world. It is deep red or light yellow, which depends on that the kind of alcohol used to make up is white or red one.

In Spain, there are three sorts of traditional Sangria. The one which has the same name is Sangria, which is made from red alcohol, brandy and fruit such as apple, pear, and grapes. Sangria Blanco also has the same ingredients, but the difference is that it is made from white alcohol or wine. Zurra is made in the South of Spain and also from red alcohol, but only use peaches and nectarines.

Top 10 The Best Beverage In The World

  • Hot chocolate and marshmallows, America

There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with the sweet marshmallows on the cold days.

The hot chocolate and the marshmallows are the perfect combinations. The marshmallows will melt and create a cream layer on the cup of chocolate. However, to make this delicious cream layer, your chocolate has to be hot enough to melt the marshmallows.

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