Tips On Protecting Health In Cold Weather

Cold weather is not likely to make you sick, but it increases the risk of colds, then influences to health.

According to Dr. LeeAnna Lyne – Pennsylvania Health Properties Group, cold weather reduces blood flow in the nose, hands, ears to protect the heart and brain.

But this very point causes dry skin, decreases the ability to filter pathogens such as viruses of the nose makes you vulnerable to allergies, emotional disorders even causes heart attacks. So, how to keep our body always healthy?

1. Ensure Good Hygiene

Dr. Lyne recommends that: Wash your hands regularly to remove bacteria. When washing hands, need to rub at least 20 seconds/times to eliminate germs. She also suggests that should have little contact with friends and relatives when they become infected, avoid touching their mouth, nose, and eyes to prevent the spread of germs.

Tips On Protecting Health In Cold Weather

Each family should regularly use enclosed vacuum with a HEPA filter and regularly replace the furnace filter.

2. Costumes

Going out when it is cold without a jacket or when hair is still wet will make you easy to get pneumonia, cause serious impact on the immune system and increase the symptoms of fatigue. The best way is to wear warm clothing, especially when staying outdoors to prevent frostbite and hypothermia which affects health.

Tips On Protecting Health In Cold Weather

3. Regular Diet And Exercise

When it gets cold, you need to perform an appropriate diet because, in cold weather, our body works less and is prone to gain weight. Therefore, exercising year-round will ensure immune system readily to fight with illness when attacked.

4. Talk To Someone

Seasonal depression (SAD) becomes worse in the fall and winter. According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression related to chemical imbalances in the brain is caused by lack of sunlight because the day is shorter than the night.

According to the doctor, if you feel depressed, let confide to someone, especially who are extremely important to you as possible. Hence, you will have a better life as well as be able to fight against foolish thought and prevent SAD effectively.

Tips On Protecting Health In Cold Weather

5. Get Out If Possible

Research shows that spending time outside can assist you to reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and improve overall psychological well-being. Because outdoor activities such as exercise, walking not only improve health but also increase absorption of vitamin D, even quickly recover wound.

Tips On Protecting Health In Cold Weather


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