Rebel With A Cause, Part II

If you’ve been reading my site, or checked out last week’s Massive Non-Leather Fall Boot Guide, you know I’m a big fan of wanna-be’s.  It’s really a pastime of mine actually, trying to find vegan alternatives that are just as sexy and fashionable as their gross counter parts. After seeing a lot of magazines pointing to leather as a big 2010 trend (unfortunately) and a resurgence of leather jackets, back in March I posted a few cruelty free leather... Read More

V Shoe of the Day: June Gloom in July

Melissa Women’s Ocean ii Shoe $77 at 80′s Purple HERE Share on Facebook Read More

Vegan Shoe of the Day: Melissa Shoes at 80′s Purple

I was lurking around one of my fav clothing sites, 80′s Purple and found a whole stash of Melissa shoes. If you don’t know Melissa, it’s a shoe company from Brazil that makes 100% plastic shoes using sustainable methods and recyclable materials. It’s sort of a treasure hunt to find them online, so it’s pretty rare to find this many styles in one place (and with most sizes still in stock). Check a few of them out: $84 HERE $42 HERE $72 HERE $99... Read More