Remove Nicotine Simply By Food

Nicotine is the very strong neurotoxin found in cigarette and it is easy to get in your body. You can remove it by eating broccoli, orange, wheat germ, and so on.

According to Boldsky, nicotine is a colorless substance, turns to brown when it is burned and has the smoky smell when it contacts with the air. Nicotine is absorbed into the body through skin, mouth, nasal mucosa, and lung. A smoker usually gets 1-2 mg nicotine a cigarette. Nicotine goes to the brain quickly in 10 seconds after you inhale it.

This is a fatal nerve agent; you can reduce or even remove it out of your body by adding some foods below:



Broccoli is extremely good for your lung; protect it from the toxins that cigarette gives to you.


Orange makes nicotine exit out of the body automatically in only a few hours.


Spinach contains acid folic and vitamin B9 which help to remove nicotine out of the body in a short time. Spinach also can grows well in hydroponic system.


Chewing a piece of ginger can against nicotine effectively.


This fruit is very effective in removing the toxin from your body.


Acid citric and vitamin D in lemon help to eliminate nicotine and against the unexpected symptom that the cigarette causes to you.


Add this orange food in your menu and diet to clarify nicotine from the body.



Pomegranate can create red blood cells inside the body, fight with some health problems such as blood pressure, heart arrhythmia.

Wheat germ

Nicotine can tighten blood vessels, so you should eat wheat germ to improve the elasticity of circulatory system.


This vegetable has a lot of isothiocyanates and antioxidants that help to release toxins from your body in 24 hours.

These foods are the solutions for the high nicotine content in your body. You can remove it easily and healthily with them, but it could be better if you give smoke up and stay away from smokers.

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