Pressed Juicery Post


  I’ve been really into juicing lately, ever since getting a Breville juicer over the holidays.  In February I did my first juice cleanse in a couple of years, via the lovely ladies at Juice Maids.  I’ll admit my results were mixed.  Overall the juice selection I was sent was much too sweet for me, and I wound up ending the cleanse a day early due to a migraine... Read More

The Mac N’ Cheese Wars: Amy’s vs. Candle

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Well, who would have thought.  There are now not one, but TWO, vegan macaroni and cheese frozen meals on the market.  An embarrassment of riches for sure, but there can only be one winner.  Right?  Okay, not really, if you’re a frozen mac n’ cheese you’re already a winner… but I digress.  For your consideration:  The Mac N’ Cheese Wars! In one... Read More

Dr. McDougall’s Vegan Soups

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       It’s dropping belong 65 in So Cal these days so that must mean…. it’s Winter!  Luckily I have a whole cabinet full of soup thanks to the kind folks at Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods.  All their soups are vegan, and they have a selection of low-sodium, organic and gluten-free ones as well.  The company also makes a selection of instant oatmeals... Read More

xo Vegan Chocolate

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are a few vegan chocolates that will satisfy your sweet tooth and those of your sweetie, if you dare to share! Go Max Go Foods has a whole line of AMAZING vegan chocolate bar modeled after childhood favs (I could eat one of their “Almond Joy”-esc Mahalo bars every day).  They recently added two more chocolates to their food... Read More

Vegan StrEAT Menu at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills


  I was quite surprised a few weeks ago to get an invite to a private tasting at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills for their new vegan menu.  Created by Executive Chef Ashley James (who is not vegan himself), the “street-inspired” vegan dishes are available starting at 4:00 pm in the hotel’s Windows Lounge.  It’s a small menu consisting of  six “small... Read More

Starbucks Ingredients List – Updated!

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June 2012 Update:  After weeks of trying to get the below information re-confirmed by Starbucks (since the original ingredients list was posted in 2010), I finally got the below response: Unfortunately, as our previous agent stated, they gave you all of the ingredient information for Frappuccinos that we currently have available. While we understand that some customers would like... Read More