Vegan Shoe of the Day: Vegan Ballet Slippers

I always tell people that anything can be made vegan.  As further proof I present: vegan ballet slippers!  If you are a dancer you can now dress in cruelty-free clothing from head to… toe.  The shoes are available through the Cynthia King Dance Studio in Brooklyn, New York.  They are made of soft canvas with a non-slip sole, and come in pink or black, adult and children’s sizes.  They retail for only $24.95 a pair and can be purchased online HERE.

This year Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers were selected by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s National Director of AileyCamp, Nasha Thomas-Schmitt, as the required slipper for two of the organization’s innovative camps serving in-need children.  Natalie Portman and Emily Deschanel are also fans.

Order vegan ballet slippers HERE

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4 Responses to “Vegan Shoe of the Day: Vegan Ballet Slippers”
  1. vegdancer says:

    I ordered a pair of these recently and was a little disappointed to see the “Made in China” label. Choosing vegan shoes is great, but it seems my good efforts have been canceled out, since they were made in a country that is notorious for its inhumane treatment of animals, especially the torture and confinement of Moon Bears. Also, not the best human rights record for workers.

    I wish Cynthia King would contract in a country with higher standards for the treatment of animals and people.

  2. Veggywood says:

    I was unaware of that, thanks for sharing the info.

  3. Jennie says:

    Vegdancer–some of you vegans are never happy. Exactly which country do you think is a utopia for animals and people to live in? Every country I can think of slaughters animals by the millions each year. Veggywood, thanks for supporting vegan ballet.

  4. L says:

    Humane treatment of any sentient being, be it humans or animals is wrong for any individual or country.
    Judgemental and narrow minded statements such as ” some of “you” vegans are never happy” is what perpetuates and normalizes the pain and suffering of these countries where the most abhorrent human and animal rights abuses occurs. Not to know this Jennie would be unrealistic and superficial. Would you be “happy” to be sent to an institution and injected with a neurotoxin rendering you a vegetable or forced to have an abortion at 6 months pregnant, because you exceeded the quota of China’s one child policy? Would you be “happy” for being killed, or tortured and imprisoned indefinitely for practicing your religion and knowing your family for generations will be abused for your beliefs by a totalitarian government? There is no “utopian” country Jennie, but if each of us individually has the mindset to support kindness over torture, warmheartedness over abuse, compassion over hate for every living being, we would be going in the right direction. Why would you Jennie want to support anything else?

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