Japan Memories

I can’t believe I was in Japan only 5 months ago.  The last few days have been a jumble of memories and concerns, made even more surreal because on the night the earthquake happened, I was having dinner with Melisser of The Urban Housewife and we reminisced about our trips to Tokyo and Kyoto.  It was very strange to return home, turn on the TV, and see images of the distruction of a place I had arrived at 5 months to the day of the earthquake.

I thought it only appropriate that I republish my posts from my trip last year.  Enjoy, and to donate to help victims of the Japan earthquake, visit the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Vegan in Japan, Part I: Tokyo

Vegan in Japan, Part II: Kyoto

For 5 ways to help animals in Japan check out this great list by Perez Hilton!

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