REPOST: Sneak Peek at NEW Toms Vegan Styles for Fall

TOMS was cool enough to send me a sneak peek of their new Summer ’10 line! Inspired by the Spice Route, the new collection captivates the well-worn footsteps of the historic journey that joined East and West, and will be available starting Monday, July 19th!

I’m a big fan of TOMS and I know I’ve featured them on Vegan Shoe of the Day before, for both their men’s and women’s styles, so I’m excited to debut a few of the new vegan styles here!  What do you think of the new line?  I’m a little disappointed it doesn’t include any of their summer wedges (Suede insert? Weak.) but impressed on how they always wind up using really cool fabrics and designs.  Wish the vegan line was a little more extensive, however hoping some of these come in additional colors as well.

Women’s Snow Leopard Classics (I think this is my fav, wonder if it comes in black…)

Women’s Morocco Classics

Women’s Love is the New Black Canvas Classics (Okay, just kidding, I think this is my fav too)

Men’s Love is the New Black Canvas Classics

Men’s Indigo Gingham Check Classics (these are sweet)

Men’s Grey Gingham Check Classics

To learn more about the mission of TOMS go HERE

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2 Responses to “REPOST: Sneak Peek at NEW Toms Vegan Styles for Fall”
  1. kala says:

    Oooh, very cute!

  2. victor says:

    need one of the toms shoes send me the price(men grey gingham check classics

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